In this issue!

Goin' Green on
Tu B'shevat

Martin Luther King - Alav Ha'Shalom

Israel vs. America:
Where is the best place to raise our Jewish kids?

In Flagrante Delicto
One Mother's secret visits to the mikvah revealed.

Choosing the Right College:
A guide for parents and teens.

Jewish Arts & Crafts Ideas for Snow Days
Try your hand at some creative Jewish arts & crafts projects, c/o the community.

Funny Jewish Stories About Your Kids
Share a (funny, serious, meaningful or poignant) Jewish story about your children.


Talking to Your Kids About the Holocaust

Family Trips To Israel

Why do many grown-ups talk so much about money?

Why do some of my Jewish relatives eat non-kosher food?

Feature Stories

Finding Common Religious Grounds
Jewish Parents With Different Observance Levels Discuss Raising Their Children

Jewish Genealogy on the Web
Searching for Family.

Jewish Opportunities in Girl Scouting

Shira Dicker's Weekly Column

Revelation at Fairway

Haviva Ner-David

Single Again?

Patrilineal Convert

Help! The Romance is
Slipping Away


A Light Family Walk Through the Weekly Portion

Tricks to raising moral kids!

Talk back to Jewish Family & Life!

To everything a season for children's books

What Being Jewish Means: A Child's Perspective


Are vasectomies kosher?

Fostering healthy eating habits

New Activity

In-Home Art Space for Children


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